Kaanaan kahinat 2016

Kaanaan kahinat 24.9.2016 by Leak MC etc. at Kaanaa Center, Tampere. Ja jos kuvat niin paljon kiinnostavat, että melkein tekee mieli varastaa ne omaan käyttöön niin halvemmaksi tulee ottaa yhteyttä ja kysyä lupa. I’m sorry I had to shit all over my photos with this copyright notice but there has been an unfortunate incident with unauthorized use of several of my last year photos of this same great annual event. Some people just have no respect for other people’s hard work and ownership. See u there 2017 – depending. #kaanaankahinat #kaanaankahinat2016 #dirttrack #flattrack #anythinggoes


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graphic designer and photographic illustrator

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